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Custody Lawyer San Diego

Broaden Law LLP is a top-rated family law firm in CA with an astute team of attorneys and a flawless track record. Our custody lawyer in San Diego, Sara Johnson, offers the best legal representation to clients dealing in custody law cases, making it easier for her clients to navigate the legal complexities ahead. 

When To Hire A Child Custody Lawyer?

It is always wiser to hire a child custody lawyer regardless of how amicably you part ways with your spouse. Here are a few instances that demand a child custody lawyer's expertise: 

  1. Your Child Is In Danger

If your child is in some danger or experiencing neglect because of your spouse, hiring an attorney can get you a restraining order at the earliest. The last thing you want your child to go through is an absent or emotionally abusive parent, as it can be incredibly harmful to their growth and development.

  1. The Other Parent Has Hired An Attorney

Custody battles can be long, tiresome, and drawn-out. Working with one of the top parental rights lawyers can protect your rights to your children. Also, if the other parent has legal representation, having someone represent your interests can help garner a favorable outcome. A child custody lawyer can protect yours and your child's interests.

  1. Your Case Has Special Circumstances

If you have a disabled child requiring special care, a teenager experiencing severe emotional issues child, or a kid 12 years or older and would like to speak to a judge, hiring a child custody lawyer may be your top choice. An experienced attorney can expedite the process as required and protect your child's rights and dignity in the process.

Besides, you must hire a lawyer for a child custody case if one parent moves out of state with the child. Divorce custody lawyers can help you deal with the complex issues in custody and visitation matters and make your divorce less stressful.

What Will A Child Custody Lawyer Do For You?

A child custody lawyer in California can aid you in many ways. They can help you understand how child custody law can affect the outcome of your case. 

They can inform you about your parental rights, estimate the child support payments and develop a legal strategy. They will coordinate your case with other experts like a child psychologist, private investigator, etc., and protect your child's interests.  

Will Custody Always Go To Just One Parent?

No. Courts often award joint custody. In a joint custody situation, you and your ex-spouse may share partial custody of the children. Joint custody can take one of the following three forms:

  1. Joint physical custody - In this case, children spend a substantial amount of time with each parent
  2. Joint legal custody - Parents share decision-making on medical, educational, and religious questions involving the children. 
  3. Both parents share joint legal and physical custody.

Speak to an attorney to learn about your legal options. A family law firm can draft custody agreements in your child's best interest. 

Call 619-567-6845 to hire the best custody lawyer in San Diego. Marisa E. Nahale at Broaden Law LLP offers the best legal counsel to those dealing with family law matters. Marisa is a competent and knowledgeable family attorney and ensures that your proceedings run smoothly and efficiently. Book your consultation with our leading attorney today.

Custody Lawyer San Diego

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Custody Lawyer San Diego Custody Lawyer San Diego

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