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Child Custody Attorney San Diego

Whether or not you should consider hiring a child custody attorney in San Diego depends greatly on how you and the other parent get along. Some parents can navigate this process and reach a custody agreement without issue. Others may fight tirelessly for what they believe is right and fair for the children involved. If you believe you are in for a fight, taking the time to select a lawyer for a child custody case will be in your best interests.  

Will I Need to Go To Court?

When entering into a child custody case, this is a branch of family law looking into the best interest of each child as a way to determine time spent with each parent. While child support is there to lay out the funds necessary to raise a child, custody hearings consider parenting plans and visitations that benefit the child(ren) most. Rather than going through this alone, you will gain a wealth of support and insight by talking with a family law firm and selecting top parental rights lawyers.

You Are Not Alone

Many parents are unhappy about the fact they need to talk with divorce custody lawyers and leave it in the court's hands to tell them what is best for their kids. Many parents feel the custody agreement should be determined by parents rather than the family court. If you can come to a resolution on your own that works well for everyone, you can present that solution to the judge as a way to avoid a battle. However, most parents find that hiring a child custody attorney in San Diego is the only way to be heard how they need to.

Reasons To Hire The Best Child Custody Lawyers

Professional legal help will navigate the process, giving you a better chance of finding the resolution you are hoping for. Child custody cases are decided by a judge and their view of the child’s best interests. A qualified attorney is there to partner with you, showing all the evidence why you deserve your parental rights.

While you may feel as though an attorney is an expense that is not worth it, these are just some of the many advantages of having one on your side:

  • Properly filing all vital paperwork at the right time and with the right people – including child support worksheets, pre-trial orders, etc.
  • Developing a plan for approaching the custody hearing
  • Putting together character references, preparing witnesses, and getting reference letters
  • Offering insight into the judge presiding over the case
  • Contacting expert witnesses or gathering evidence
  • Assisting with personal testimony and preparation for possibly tough questions in court

There is nothing wrong with being curious about whether you need to hire a child custody attorney in San Diego. Here at Broaden Law, LLP, we are available to discuss your case and help you to formulate a plan that will give you a solid foundation in court. We would love to talk with you today about how we can assist. Call 619-567-6845 to get a free legal consultation today.

Child Custody Attorney San Diego

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Child Custody Attorney San Diego Child Custody Attorney San Diego

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