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There are many reasons people elect to have some form of estate plan in place, but the most common is to avoid the confusion and expense that can occur when a person dies without one.

At Broaden Law LLP, we handle cases for Probate, Trusts, and Estates. We have a broad understanding of both federal and state law, as well as a deep respect for our clients’ needs and goals. If you are in need of such services, please contact us for a free consultation.

Probate, Trusts & Estate | Broaden Law LLP


When a loved one dies without a will, California law decides the person's legal heirs and division of their estate. The Probate Court supervises the distribution of estates and the process of validating a will that provides for the transfer of assets and distribution of a person's estate.

Probate, Trusts & Estate | Broaden Law LLP


In some cases, even if your family member or friend established a will, it will still need to go through probate. Even with a living trust, some assets may not be titled in the name of the trust. These are unique situations that you will need the advice of a probate attorney to help you navigate.

Probate, Trusts & Estate | Broaden Law LLP


Our firm can advise trustees and beneficiaries about their legal rights and responsibilities. We work closely with our clients to establish their goals and plans and tailor our services accordingly.

Probate, Trusts & Estate | Broaden Law LLP


Probate can be time-consuming, so Broaden Law LLP represents trustees, beneficiaries, and other interested parties in court proceedings so they can stay informed and be heard.

Probate, Trusts & Estate | Broaden Law LLP


An individual’s will delegates the person who will be responsible for handling their affairs after death. In California, most homeowners need a living trust to avoid a costly probate court action after their death.

Probate, Trusts & Estates | Broaden Law LLP


A beneficiary deed is an alternative to a living trust that can serve as a more suitable option for those seeking to simply transfer real estate outright at death and doesn’t come with the potential pitfalls of joint ownership.

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